In Fieldbook, each row can be viewed and edited in a full-screen detail view, providing an easier way to manage lots of columns and links. For example, in a sheet like this:

Clicking on the expand-detail button (highlighted in red) takes you to the detail view for the Wal-Mart row:

The detail view has the same columns as the sheet, just arranged vertically instead of horizontally. You can edit data from either view; all changes will show up in both views.

Linked rows from other sheets

You can also see above that the linked rows from other sheets—in this example, the Contacts sheet—are displayed here with all the columns. You can edit these rows or add new linked rows, and all changes will show up back on the linked sheet. In Fieldbook, everything always stays in sync.

Changing the detail view title

By default, the first column in the sheet is used as a title for the detail view. If you want to change this, just choose Name Settings:

Then you can choose which columns to use in the title:

The detail view title is also used as the text to display in link chips.

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