Books are made to be edited by multiple people. Invite your team!

Sharing is on a per-book basis

Sharing in Fieldbook is at the book level. When you share, others have access to the whole book, but nothing else. (We don't yet have a way to share just part of a book.)

Books are private by default

When you create a new book, it's private to you. Invite others when you're ready.

Inviting people by email

Click the share button to invite people to a book by email:


When you invite someone to a book, you choose one of these options:

The creator of a book is the default owner. Ownership includes “admin” permissions as well as the ability to delete the book. Standard admins can only "leave" the book.

Transfer ownership

The owner of a book can transfer ownership to any admin already on their book by selecting "Transfer Owner" from the permissions dropdown.

Sharing publicly via a link (read-only)

If you enable the shareable link, then anyone will be able to view the book, whether or not they have a Fieldbook account. They can't edit unless you specifically invite them by email, though.

Books are updated immediately

When one person updates a book, the changes show up immediately for all users. No need to ask if you have “the latest version”.

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