Fieldbook lets you do much more than basic searches—for instance, you can also sort and group. We call any combination of keywords, filter, sort and group a “search”, and each bubble in the search bar is a term:

Simple keyword search

Type any keyword to search. This filters the sheet to rows containing that keyword (in any column).

Column search

To search just one column for a keyword, type the column name and the keyword together like status:new.

If the keyword is actually multiple words, use quotes:

Filter on any formula

For a more advanced search, use the filter keyword. Some examples:


Use the sort keyword to sort on any column or formula.

Use the desc keyword to sort in descending order.

If you give a list of columns, the first one will be the primary sort, and each subsequent one will be used to break ties.

Linked column entries are sorted by the order they appear in the target sheet by default. You can sort a linked column of names alphabetically, for example, by referencing the column to sort within the linked sheet using dot (.) formula language.


The group keyword creates a grouping.

You can drag rows between groups, and drag groups to reorder them. This is great for tracking any pipeline or workflow:

Saved searches

You can save any search, to get back to it at any time:

The link will show up under your saved searches:

And when you open the sidebar:

You can bookmark the link as well.

If you're already on a saved search, and you change it, your options will be to

  • update the current saved search, or
  • save it as a new search.

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