Reports let you summarize data in a sheet via counts, sums, averages, etc. They are similar to pivot tables in spreadsheets, or aggregates in a SQL database.

Creating a report based on a group column

To create a report with a single group column—such as Status, Owner, Industry, Role, etc.—go to the column you want to group on and choose the report option in the column menu:

This will start you with a count report; see below for how to add other formulas from there.

Creating a simple summary report

To create a simple count, sum, etc. over the whole sheet, not broken out by any column, click in the search bar and choose “summary functions”:

Then choose a function for a single-number report, or choose “report” to combine multiple functions in one view:

Adding formula columns to a report

To add more formulas to a report, just add a column. This will automatically prompt you for a formula.

Adding group columns to a report

To add or change the grouping for a report, edit the group term in the search bar directly. The fields listed here will be used to create the report.

Reports update automatically

A report isn't a static snapshot of the underlying data. It updates automatically whenever the sheet is changed.

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