Fieldbook plays nicely with our friends all over the world, by letting you view and input info the way you're used to.

Date settings

Fieldbook supports:

  • month/day/year format (common in the US): 12/31/2016
  • day/month/year format (common elsewhere): 31/12/2016

You can enter dates in a variety of common formats, such as “Dec 31” or “2016-12-31”. Your date format settings affect how dates are displayed, and how Fieldbook interprets ambiguous dates such as “8/11” (which might be Aug 11 or Nov 8 depending on your settings).

Number settings

Fieldbook supports:

  • Dot as decimal separator and (optional) comma as thousands separator: 1,234.5
  • Comma as decimal separator and (optional) dot as thousands separator: 1.234,5

Time zone

Each book has a single time zone that applies to everyone sharing it. This setting ensures that functions such as "today()" produce the same result for everyone, so your entire team will be on the same page no matter where they are in the world.

Import and export

These settings affect not only how data is displayed to you, and how your input is interpreted, but also import and export. If you're importing a file with a particular date or number format, make sure your settings match for it to be interpreted correctly.

Each book has its own settings

These settings can be changed on a per-book basis. Everyone using a given book (or any part of it, like a form) will see and input data in the same format.

Changing your settings

Fieldbook will auto-detect the right settings for you when you sign up, but you can change them:

To make the settings the default for new books you create, just check the “default” box before saving.

Find the settings panel by opening the left sidebar on any book:

(The settings option is only accessible to users with owner or admin permissions on the book.)

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