Fieldbook plays nicely with our friends all over the world, by letting you view and input info the way you're used to.

Date settings

Fieldbook supports:

  • month/day/year format (common in the US): 12/31/2016
  • day/month/year format (common elsewhere): 31/12/2016

You can enter dates in a variety of common formats, such as “Dec 31” or “2016-12-31”. Your date format settings affect how dates are displayed, and how Fieldbook interprets ambiguous dates such as “8/11” (which might be Aug 11 or Nov 8 depending on your settings).

Number settings

Fieldbook supports:

  • Dot as decimal separator and (optional) comma as thousands separator: 1,234.5
  • Comma as decimal separator and (optional) dot as thousands separator: 1.234,5

Import and export

These settings affect not only how data is displayed to you, and how your input is interpreted, but also import and export. If you're importing a file with a particular date or number format, make sure your settings match for it to be interpreted correctly.

Users sharing a book can have different settings

If you share a book with someone who has different settings, you'll each view and input data using your own settings. For instance, someone in New York might enter a date as 8/20, and a co-worker in Berlin might view that as 20/8.

Changing your settings

Fieldbook will auto-detect the right settings for you when you sign up, but you can change them:

Find the settings panel under this menu:

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