You can add images to Fieldbook—great for contacts, inventory, or your collection of animated reaction GIFs.

You can also add file attachments—for instance, candidate resumes, product requirements, or design documents.

How to add files

Just set the type of a column to Image or File. Then you can drag files to upload, or choose a link from the web.

Uploading files

Once a column type is set to Image or File, just drag a file onto a cell to upload it.

Using a link from the web

If you have the link (URL) of an image or other file, you can just paste it into any cell:

Fieldbook will load the image from the given URL, or link directly to the external file.

The file won't be copied, so if it is removed or changed, it won't be available anymore. If you want a copy, download the file, and then upload it to Fieldbook.

Linking to Dropbox files

If you have files in Dropbox and you'd like to link to them directly, just right-click and copy the Dropbox link, then paste it into a File cell.

One file per cell

Each cell can only hold one image or file attachment right now. Multi-attachment support is planned for a future update.

Image heights & widths

Images may be displayed in a smaller version if they don't fit in their cells:

  • On the sheet view, images will be displayed no wider than their column, and no taller than about 60 pixels high (unless the column has “wrap text” on).
  • On the detail view, images are displayed no wider than about 300 pixels.

Click an image to see the full-size version.

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