Fieldbook lets you format your text and cells with standard options like bolding or background colors. This can be done for either a column or a selection of cells.


Right-click to adjust formatting for a single cell or selection of cells. Formatting done this way will only apply to that cell selection.

Adjust formatting via the column menu to apply effects to an entire column at once, as well as any new rows you add.

Note: Wrap text will only appear in the column formatting menu.

Wrap text

This allows text to wrap to the next line instead of disappearing into the edge of the cell. Cells with wrap text selected will automatically increase in height to account for added text, however this can be adjusted by changing the width of the column.

Horizontal alignment

There are four alignment options to choose from:

  • Default alignment: numbers/dates aligned right, text aligned left
  • Left
  • Center
  • Right

Text formatting

There are four text formatting options to choose from or combine:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough

Note: these can also be changed using standard keyboard shortcuts.
(⌘-B, -I or -U for Mac; Ctrl-B, -I or -U for Windows)

Text & background color

Select either the "Text" or "Background" tab, then choose one of 33 standard colors or click the "Custom color" button to pick your own. You can also select one of the 12 most recent custom colors used in a book.

Note: "Recent custom colors" is a shared color palette specific to each book, not each user. To use the same color in another book, simply copy the 6-character color code (ex. 21a848 for above) and paste it into the color selection panel of your other book.

Group digits

You can group digits to show comma separators in numbers (e.g. 1000 vs. 1,000). Select between comma and dot separators via a book's locale settings (e.g. 1.000,00).

Note: Grouping must be set for each column separately, and it will also apply to summary functions at the base of the column. Grouping is not available on reports.

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