The Fieldbook API is for programmers who want to write code that interfaces with Fieldbook. For instance, using our API a programmer could create custom integrations, imports and exports, or other scripting.

The API lets you read and write records in any book as simple JSON objects. The endpoints and keys are determined by the sheets and columns you set up. Read the API documentation to learn more.

What counts as an API call?

The following count towards your monthly API quota:

  • Any HTTP call that uses an API key and secret
  • Webhook callbacks
  • Codelet requests

The following do not count:

  • Using the Fieldbook web UI
  • Zapier triggers or actions

If you never create or use an API key, then you won't be using API quota. (Unless you're a programmer, or working with one, you won't be doing this!)

How can I check or track my API quota?

Check your quota and current monthly usage on your account page.

We'll send you an email notification when you're at 80% of your monthly quota, and again at 100%.

What are Codelets?

Fieldbook lets you extend the API of any book with little snippets of code – codelets – that define custom endpoints. With Codelets, you can do in a few minutes and a couple dozen lines of code what would previously have required an entire API server hosted separately. Read more in our Codelets API documentation.

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