Fieldbook allows you to organize your information more effectively than traditional spreadsheets and more quickly than complex databases. Here's what you need to get started:


Create a book

In Fieldbook, you organize your information in sheets and books. Each sheet represents a unique type of item you want to keep track of, and a book is a collection of related sheets. So if you wanted to track progress on a project, you might have a sheet called "Tasks" and a sheet called "People" in a book called "Project tracker."

Within a sheet, information is recorded in columns. Each column represents an attribute of the item you're tracking in the sheet. In your "People" sheet you might have columns for the person's first name, last name, birthday, and email address.

It's not always obvious how to organize your information into columns, sheets, and books. If you get stuck, try looking through our templates for examples.


Link sheets to track relationships

You can also a link your sheets to keep track of the relationships between the items recorded in them. In our project tracking example, you could link the "People" and "Tasks" sheets to keep track of which person was assigned to a task.

Linking sheets helps you organize your data by allowing you to:

  • Ensure information is correct. Because it's automatically cross-referenced, you don't have to worry about typos.
  • Navigate between sheets quickly. In a single click you can check the details of a task from the "People" sheet.
  • See lists of related items. By linking, you automatically get a list of all the tasks assigned to each person.

Learn how to create a link between sheets in Linking sheets.


Share your book

Sharing a book makes it easy for others to view or contribute to your book, and ensures that everybody has up-to-date information without emailing files.

Learn how to share your book in Sharing & collaboration.


Import and export your data

It's easy to import data from your existing spreadsheets into a new sheet to get started even faster. You can also download any of the information you have stored in Fieldbook any time.

Learn how to import and export in Import & export.

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