Is Fieldbook secure?

We take a lot of measures to protect the security of your data. For instance, all access to Fieldbook is over secure (encrypted) HTTPS connections. We're careful about encrypting passwords and other access tokens. We protect against common security vulnerabilities such as CSRF (cross-site request forgery). We're also careful about the security of our own accounts, internally (for instance, using two-factor authentication wherever possible).

Is my information confidential? What's your privacy policy?

Your data is yours. We treat all data as confidential. We never access your account or view your data without explicit prior permission—and then only temporarily, to diagnose a problem you're having. We do use aggregated statistics across multiple accounts to discover common patterns of usage, for our own internal uses and for data-driven product features. Our full privacy policy is here.

What kind of data is Fieldbook recommended for? Do you have any certifications?

We're not compliant with HIPAA, PCI, etc.; so we don't recommend Fieldbook for things like credit card numbers, protected health information, or user passwords.

However, we do recommend Fieldbook for confidential business information. Many of our users—including ourselves!—store sales leads, candidates, product roadmaps, and other sensitive info in Fieldbook.

Will my data ever be held hostage?

No. You'll always be able to get your data out of Fieldbook—even if you cancel.

What happens if Fieldbook shuts down?

We intend for Fieldbook to be around for the long haul. However, if the service were ever to shut down, we would give plenty of notice to all users, and a way to download all of your data.

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